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ZXW mobile phone repair drawings support models list

View the list of supported models (Only part of the models are listed)

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Mobile   Phone ClassificationModel Name
Huawei Mate SeriesMateX2 (HN1TETONM)
Huawei Mate SeriesMateX (HN3TAHM)(Polygon)
Huawei Mate SeriesMateX_all
Huawei Mate SeriesMateX_Sub (HN3TAHSH)(Polygon)
Huawei Mate SeriesMate40RS (HN1NOAHPM1)
Huawei Mate SeriesMate40RS_sub
Huawei Mate SeriesMate40Pro (HN2N0AHMO1)(Polygon)
Huawei Mate SeriesMate40Pro_sub
Huawei Mate SeriesMate 40(HN10CNMX) (Polygon)
Huawei Mate SeriesMate30Pro_5G(HN1LIONM)  (Polygon)
Huawei Mate SeriesMate30Pro_5G_sub(HN1LIONSLF)
Huawei Mate SeriesMate30Pro(HL1LIONM(Polygon)
Huawei Mate SeriesMate 30_5G(HN1TASM)  (Polygon)
Huawei Mate SeriesMate 30_5G_Dev(HN1TASSLE)
Huawei Mate SeriesMate 30(HL2TASM) (Polygon)
Huawei Mate SeriesMateRS(HL1NEOM) (Polygon)
Huawei Mate SeriesMate20Pro(HL1LAYAM)  (Polygon)
Huawei Mate SeriesMate20X_5G(HN1EVERM) (Polygon)
Huawei Mate SeriesMate20X(HL1EVERM) (Polygon)
Huawei Mate SeriesMate  20(HL1HIMAM) (Polygon)
Huawei Mate SeriesMate10Pro(HL1BLAM)  (Polygon)
Huawei Mate SeriesMate  10(HL1ALPSM)
Huawei Mate SeriesMate9Pro(HL1ALONMM)
Huawei Mate SeriesMate 9(HI I AM HAMM)
Huawei Mate SeriesMate10lite(HL1RNEALOOM)
Huawei P SeriesP50Pro_ALL
Huawei P SeriesP50Pro(HN1JADEM) (Polygon)
Huawei P SeriesP50Pro_sub(Polygon)
Huawei P SeriesP50PorcketHL2BALIMVA) (Polygon)
Huawei P SeriesP50E(HL3ABRMA) (Polygon)
Huawei P SeriesP40Pro+(HN1ELSAPMP)
Huawei P SeriesP40Pro_all
Huawei P SeriesP40Pro(HN2ELSAMP)
Huawei P SeriesP40Pro_sub(HN2ELASH)
Huawei P SeriesP40(HN3ANNAM)  (Polygon)
Huawei P SeriesP30Pro(HL1VOGUEMVD) (Polygon)
Huawei P SeriesP30Pro_dep
Huawei P SeriesP30(HL2ELLEM) (Polygon)
Huawei P SeriesP20Pro(HL1CLTM) (Polygon)
Huawei P SeriesP20(HL2EMILYM) (Polygon)
Huawei P SeriesP10Plus(HL1AVICKYMP)
Huawei P SeriesP10(HL1AVTRMC) (Polygon)
Huawei P SeriesP9Plus(HL1AVIENNAM)
Huawei P SeriesP9(HL1AEVAM)
Huawei V SeriesHonor V 40(HN2YORM) (Polygon)
Huawei V SeriesHonor V 40 Light Luxury Edition(HN3ANGM) (Polygon)
Huawei V SeriesHonor V30Pro all
Huawei V SeriesHonor  V30Pro(HL30XFPM)
Huawei V SeriesHonor V30Pro_sub(HL30XFSH) (Polygon)
Huawei V SeriesHonor V 30(HL2WLZPM) (Polygon)
Huawei V SeriesHonor V 30_sub(HL2WLZPSH)
Huawei V SeriesHonor V 20(HL1PCTM) (Polygon)
Huawei V SeriesHonor V 10(HL1BKLM)
Huawei V SeriesHonor V 9 Play(H127410BISX)
Huawei V SeriesHonor V 9(HL1DUKMH)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova9Pro(HN1RENAM) (Polygon)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova8Pro(HN2BROTM) (Polygon)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova 8(HN1ANGTM) (Polygon)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova8SE(HN1JSCM) (Polygon)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova7Pro(HL3JERPM)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova7SE(HL2CDYPM) (Polygon)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova7i(HL4JNYM)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova 7(HL2JEFPM) (Polygon)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova6SE(HL4JNYM) (Polygon)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova 6_5G(HL2WLZPM)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova 6_5G_sub(HL2WLZPSH)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova  6_4G(HL2WLZM)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova5iPro(HL2SPNM) (Polygon)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova5i(HL6SENEM)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova5Pro(HL3SEAAL10M) (Polygon)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova4E(HL2MARM)
Huawei Nova SeriesNOVA 4(HL1VCEM) (Polygon)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova3E(HL1ANNEM) (Polygon)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova3i(HL1SNEAL00M) (Polygon)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova 3(HL2PARM) (Polygon)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova2Plus(H LOB A CALM T1)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova2S(HL1HWIM)
Huawei Chang xiang Serieschangxiang20Pro(HN1DVCMVD)
Huawei Chang xiang SeriesChangxiang20Plus(HL6FRLM) (Polygon)
Huawei Chang xiang SeriesChangxiang20SE(HL1PPAM) (Polygon)
Huawei Chang xiang SeriesChang  xiang 20(HN1WKGMA) (Polygon)
Huawei Chang xiang SeriesChangxiang10Plus(HL2STKM) (Polygon)
Huawei Chang xiang Serieschangxiang10E(HL1MEDM) (Polygon)
Huawei Chang xiang SeriesChangxiang10S(HL2LRAM)
Huawei Chang xiang SeriesChangxiang10(HL2ASKMY 1)  (Polygon)
Huawei Chang xiang Serieschangxiang9S(HL1POTM)
Huawei Chang xiang Serieschangxiang8E(HL1ATUM)
Huawei Chang xiang Serieschangxiang7Plus(HL2TRTM)
Huawei Chang xiang Serieschangxiang7S(HL1FIGOM)
Huawei Changwan SeriesChangwan30Plus(HN1CMAM_VD)
Huawei Changwan SeriesChangwan20(HL1KOZM) (Polygon)
Huawei Changwan SeriesChangwan8C(HL1BKKM)
Huawei Changwan Serieschangwan8A(HL1JATM) (Polygon)
Huawei Changwan Serieschang wan 7(HL1DURAM)
Huawei MaiMang SeriesMaimang9(HN1TNNM)
Huawei MaiMang SeriesMaimang8(HL1POTM)
Huawei MaiMang SeriesMaimang7(HL2SNEL21M) (Polygon)
Huawei Magic  SeriesMagic 3(HN2ELZM)
Huawei Magic  SeriesHonor Magic 2(HL1T0NYNS) (Polygon)
Huawei Magic  SeriesHonor Magic(HL1NATASHAM) (Polygon)
Huawei Play   SeriesPlay5T Vitality Edition(HL1WKGM) (Ploygon)
Huawei Play   SeriesPlay Pro 4(HL5LRAM) (Polygon)
Huawei Play   SeriesHonor Play 3(HL2ASKMY) (Polygon)
Huawei Play   SeriesHonor Play(HL1CORM)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor60(HN1LSAM) (Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor60SE(HN1GIAM) (Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor60(HN1LSAM) (Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor50Pro(HN2RNAM) (Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor50SE(HN7JULAM) (Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor50(HN2NTHM) (Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor30Pro(HL2EBGPM) (Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor30Pro_sub(HL2EBGSW)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor 30S(HL3CDYPM)  (Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor 30(HL2BMHPM) (Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor30 Youth
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor20i(HL4HRYM) (Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor 20Pro(HL1YALEM04)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor20(HL1YALEM  01) (Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor20_Youth(HL1LRAM)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor Note 10(Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonorX30i(HN1TFYM)  (Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonorX30(HN3ANYM)  (Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonorX20SE(HN5CHLM)  (Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonorX20(HN5NTNM)  (Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor X10Max(HN1OTSM)(Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonorX10(HL4TELM) (Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor 10Youth(HL2HRYM)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor 10(HL1COLM) (Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor 9XPro(HL1HLKMG)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor9X(HL1HLKM)  (Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor 9_Youth(HL1LLDM)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor Note 8(Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor 8X Max(HL1AREM) (Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor8X(HL1JSNM) (Polygon)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor 8 Youth(HL3PRMH1)
Huawei Honor SeriesHonor8(HL1FRDALIOM)
Phone SeriesAir Tag
Phone SeriesiPhone  SE_2022(820-02524-08)
Phone SeriesiPhone SE_2020(Polygon)
Phone SeriesAir Pods wireless charging case(Polygon)
Phone SeriesApple remotecontrol(Polygon)
Phone SeriesApple remotecontrol(Polygon)
Phone  13miniPhone 13mini_CORE+RF
Phone  13miniPhone13mini_core(Polygon)
Phone  13miniPhone 13mini RF(Polygon)
Phone 13ProMaxPhone  13ProMax_CORE+RF
Phone 13ProMaxPhone 13ProMax_core(820-02400-06)
Phone 13ProMaxPhone13ProMaxRF(820-02401-09) (Polygon)
Phone  13ProPhone 13Pro_CORE+RF
Phone  13ProPhone13Pro_CORE(820-02394-A) (Polygon)
Phone  13ProPhone  13Pro_RF(820-02397-A) (Polygon)
Phone 13Phone 13_CORE+RF
Phone 13Phone 13_CORE(820-02402-05) (Polygon)
Phone 13Phone13RF(820-02404-08) (Polygon)
Phone  12ProMaxPhone 12ProMax_CORE+RF
Phone  12ProMaxPhone12ProMax_RF NET(Polygon)
Phone  12ProMaxPhone 12ProMax_CORENET(Polygon
Phone 12miniPhone 12miniRF+CORE
Phone 12miniPhone 12mini_CORE(Polygon)
Phone 12miniPhone 12miniRF(Polygon)
Phone12ProPhone 12Pro_CORE+RF
Phone 12Phone 12_CORE+RF
Phone 12Phone 12_coreNET
Phone 12Phone 12_RFNET
Phone 11ProMAX(NET)Phone 11ProMAX
Phone 11ProMAX(NET)Phone 11ProMAX_RF(Polygon)
Phone 11ProMAX(NET)Phone 11Pro_MAX_CORE(Polygon)
Phone 11ProMAX(NET)Phone 11Pro_MaxRAM
Phone 11Pro(NET)Phone11Pro
Phone 11Pro(NET)Phone 11Pro_FPC
Phone 11Pro(NET)Phone11Pro_RF
Phone 11Pro(NET)Phone 11Pro_CORE
Phone 11Pro(NET)Phone11Pro_RAM
Phone 11(NET)Phone 11
Phone 11(NET)Phone 11_RF NET
Phone 11(NET)Phone 11_coreNET
Phone XRPhone XR(Polygon)
Phone XRPhone XR(AB)
Phone XRPhone XR_RAM
Phone XSPhone Xs
Phone XSPhone Xs(AB)
Phone XSPhone Xs_core
Phone XSPhone Xs_RF(Polygon)
Phone XS  MAXPhone Xs Max
Phone XS  MAXPhone Xs Max(AB)
Phone XS  MAXPhone Xs Max_core(Polygon)
Phone XS  MAXPhone Xs  Max_RF(Polygon)
Phone XS  MAXPhone Xs Max_RF 2
Phone XS  MAXPhone XS Max_FPC
Phone XS  MAX_FPCPhone XS  Max Volume
Phone XS  MAX_FPCPhone XS MaxPower_ON
Phone XS  MAX_FPCPhone XS Max infrared receiver
Phone XS  MAX_FPCPhone XS Max_Earpiece
Phone XS  MAX_FPCPhone XS Max front camera
Phone XS  MAX_FPCPhone Xs  Max_USB
Phone XS  MAX_FPCPhone Xs Max upperleft antenna
Phone XS  MAX_FPCPhone Xs Max under Main  antenna sub-antenna
Phone XS  MAX_FPCPhone XS Max_Main antenna under(Polygon)
Phone XS  MAX_FPCPhone XS Max Upper antenna(Polygon)
Phone XPhone X_RAM
Phone X_core(Inner line)Phone  X_core(Polygon)
Phone X_QCOM_RFPhone X_QCOM_RF(Polygon)
Phone X_QCOM_RFPhone X_QCOM_RF(Polygon)
Phone X_QCOM_RFiPhone  X_QCOM_RF Schematic diagram(CH)
Phone X_QCOM_RFiPhoneXQCOMRF Schematic diagram
Phone  X_intel_RFPhone X_intel_RF(Polygon)
Phone  X_intel_RFiPhone intel RF Schematic diagram
Phone  X_QCOMPhoneX_QCOM(AB)
Phone  X_QCOMPhoneX_QCOM
Phone X_intelPhoneX_intel(AB)
Phone X_intelPhoneX intel
Phone X_Face IDiPhoneX infrared receiver
Phone X_Face IDiPhoneX front camera
Phone X_Face IDiPhoneX Dot projector
Phone X_Face IDiPhoneX_Earpiece
FPCPhone X infrared  receiver(Polygon)
FPCPhone X front  camera(Polygon)
FPCPhone X Dot projector(Polygon)
FPCPhone X Upper antenna
FPCPhone  X_Main antenna under
FPCPhone X under Main antenna sub-antenna
FPCPhone X_Volume
FPCPhone X Earpiece(Polygon)
FPCPhone X_Volume_Coil
FPCPhone  XPower ON
FPCPhone X_Volume_Coil
FPCPhone  X_core_fpc
Phone 8PlusPhone  8P_intel(AB)
Phone 8PlusPhone 8P_QCOM(AB)
Phone 8PlusPhone  8PQCOM(Polygon)
Phone 8PlusPhone 8P  intel(Polygon)
Phone 8PlusPhone 8P_Touch
Phone 8PlusPhone 8PlusintelRAM
Phone 8Phone 8_QCOM(AB)
Phone 8Phone 8_QCOM(Polygon)
Phone 8Phone 8_intel(Polygon)
Phone 8Phone 8intelRAM
Phone  7PlusPhone 7Plusinte(AB)
Phone  7PlusPhone 7Plus_QCOM(AB)
Phone  7PlusPhone 7Plus_Qcom(Polygon)
Phone  7PlusPhone 7Plus Screw holes  break
Phone  7PlusPhone  7P_Touch
Phone 7P_TouchPhone 7P_Touch
Phone 7Phone 7_intel(AB)
Phone 7Phone 7_QCOM(AB)
Phone 7Phone 7_QCOM(Polygon)
Phone 7Phone 7_inte(Polygon)
Phone 6SPlusPhone 6SPlus(AB)
Phone 6SPlusPhone  6Splus(Polygon)
Phone 6SPlusPhone 6SPlusScrew holes break
Phone 6SPhone 6S(AB)
Phone 6SPhone  6S(Polygon)
Phone 6SPhone 6SScrew holes break
Phone 6PlusPhone  6Plus(AB)
Phone 6PlusPhone    6Plus(Polygon)
Phone 6PlusPhone 6PlusScrew holes break
Phone 6Phone 6(AB)
Phone 6Phone 6(Polygon)
Phone 6Phone 6-FPC
Phone 6Phone 6Screw holes break
Phone 5CPhone  5C(820-3581-A)

Phone 5sPhone  5S(820-3382-A)
Phone 5sPhone  5S(820-3292-A)
Phone 5sPhone 5S_BlueScreen
PhoneS EPhoneS E(820-00282-A)
PhoneS EPhone5(820-3141-B)
Phone 4S  and beforePhone  4S(820-3031-B)
Phone 4S  and beforePhone  4(wifi+bluetooth)
Phone 4S  and beforePhone 4cdma(820-2766-C)
Phone 4S  and beforePhone 4(820-2548-B)
Phone 4S  and beforePhone 3GS(2MV94V-0)
Phone 4S  and beforePhone 3G(E 187565)
Phone 4S  and beforePhone 1B(820-2021-08)
Phone 4S  and beforePhone 1A(820-2597-A)
Phone 4S  and beforeiTouch Adapter
iPad Pro(12.9inch)iPad Pro 4_4G_2020(820-01798-10)
iPad Pro(12.9inch)iPad Pro 3_4G_2018(820-01365-A) (Polygon)
iPad Pro(12.9inch)iPad Pro 3_wifi_2018(820-01435-A)
iPad Pro(12.9inch)iPad Pro 2_wifi_2017(820-00473-A) (Polygon)
iPad Pro(12.9inch)iPadPro14G_2015(820-00301-A)  (Polygon)
iPad Pro(11inch)iPad Pro_wifi 2021(820-02300-05)
iPad Pro(11inch)Pad Pro_4G_2020(820-01838-07)
iPad Pro(11inch)Pad Pro_wifi_2020(820-01839-04)
iPad Pro(11inch)Pad Pro_wifi_2020(820-01839-01)
iPad Pro(11inch)Pad Pro_4G_2018(820-01352-08) (Polygon)
iPad Pro(11inch)Pad Prow if 2018(820-01353-04) (Polygon)
iPad SeriesPad Pro_4G(10.5inch) (820-0043-A) (Polygon)
iPad SeriesPad Pro_wifi(10.5inch) (820-00432-07)
iPad SeriesPad  Pro_4G(9.7inch) (820-00266-B) (Polygon)
iPad SeriesPad  Pro_wifi(9.7inch) (820-00265-10)
iPadminiPadmini 6_wifi(820-02482-05)(Polygon)
iPadminiPadmini 5_4G(820-01495-08)
iPadminiPadmini 5_wif(820-01591-A)
iPadminiPadmini 4(820-00180-A) (Polygon)
iPadminiPadmini  3(820-00002-A) (Polygon)
iPadminiPadmini  2_4G(820-4124-04)
iPadAirPad    Air2_4Gwifi(820-3633-A) (Polygon)
iPadAirPad    Air2_wifi(820-3633-A)
iPadAirPad    Air_4G(820-3633-A)
iPadiPad 2021_wifi(820-02558-A)(Polygon)
iPadiPad 2020(820-02133-A)
iPadiPad 2019_WIFI(820-01686-04) (Block)
iPadiPad 2018_WIFI(820-00996-A) (Polygon)
iPadiPad 2017_4G(820-00724-06)
iPadiPad 2017(820-00725-A) (Polygon)
iPadPad 4
iPadPad 3(820-2996-A)
iPadPad    2
OPPO Ace SeriesAce2(2DD306-0)
OPPO Ace SeriesAce1(2CC192-0)
OPPO Find SeriesFind X3Pro_all
OPPO Find SeriesFind X3Pro(2CC 206-2) (Polygon)
OPPO Find SeriesFind X3Pro_sub
OPPO Find SeriesFind X 3_ALL
OPPO Find SeriesFind X 3(2CC 208-2) (Polygon)
OPPO Find SeriesFind X 3_sub
OPPO Find SeriesFind X2Pro_all
OPPO Find SeriesFind  X2Pro(2CC 169-0) (Polygon)
OPPO Find SeriesFind X2Pro_sub
OPPO Find SeriesFind X2(2CC160-0)
OPPO Find SeriesFind    X2_sub(31CC160-0)
OPPO Find SeriesFind X_Lamborghini(2CC051-0) (Polygon)
OPPO Find SeriesFind    X(2CC008-1) (Polygon)
OPPO Reno SeriesReno    7(2AA 290-1) (Polygon)
OPPO Reno SeriesReno6Pro(2AA 010-0) (Polygon)
OPPO Reno SeriesReno    6(2AA 012-0) (Polygon)
OPPO Reno SeriesReno5Pro+(2BD 356-0) (Polygon)
OPPO Reno SeriesReno5Pro(2BD    352_0) (Polygon)
OPPO Reno SeriesReno 5(2AA 058-0) (Polygon)
OPPO Reno SeriesReno4Pro(2AE    008-0) (Polygon)
OPPO Reno SeriesReno4SE(2FA 238-0) (Polygon)
OPPO Reno SeriesReno 4(2BD  318-0) (Polygon)
OPPO Reno SeriesReno3Pro(2AD    098-0)
OPPO Reno SeriesReno3VitalityEdiion(2BD    282-0) (Polygon)
OPPO Reno SeriesReno 3(2BD 310-1) (Polygon)
OPPO Reno SeriesReno    2(2AE 002-0) (Polygon)
OPPO Reno SeriesReno Z(2BD230-0) (Polygon)
OPPO Reno SeriesReno10xzoom(2BD 186-0)
OPPO Reno SeriesReno(2AD066-0) (Polygon)
OPPO R SeriesR17Pro(2AD 055-0) (ZXW 3.2)
OPPO R SeriesR15X(2BD 193-0)    (Polygon)
OPPO R SeriesR15_Dream(2AD 005-0) (Polygon)
OPPO R SeriesR11S_Plus(2BC 081-0) (Polygon)
OPPO R SeriesR11T(2AB060-0)
OPPO R SeriesR9SPlus(2CB 036-0((3.2)
OPPO R SeriesR9S(2DB 017-0) (Polygon)
OPPO R SeriesR9S(2AB  017-1) (Polygon)
OPPO R SeriesR9plus(2BC 1053-0) (Polygon)
OPPO R SeriesR9sk(2AB    035-0) (Polygon)
OPPO R SeriesR9km(2TD 31602-0) (Polygon)
OPPO R SeriesR9(2AC    0033-0) (Polygon)

OPPO K SeriesK9(2AA186-0) (Polygon)
OPPO K SeriesK7(2BD282-0)
OPPO K SeriesK5(2RB030-0) (Polygon)
OPPO K SeriesK3(2DD155-0) (Polygon)
OPPO K SeriesK1(2BD193-0) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA96(2AA    308-0) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA95(2FA272-0) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA93(2FA262-0) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesQA92S(2DD300-0)
OPPO A SeriesA91(2FA118-0) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA9X(2CC116-0)
OPPO A SeriesA8(2FA149-0) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA79(2DC032-0)
OPPO A SeriesA73(2DC022-0)
OPPO A SeriesA72(2FA236-0) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA7X(2BD 120-0) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA7(2CC063-0)
OPPO A SeriesA59M(2CA    001-1) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA59S(2DA 065-2) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA59S(2CA    001-2) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA57(2BC051-0) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA55_5G(2AA    066-0) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA55(2AA    006-0) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA53_5G(2FA 278-0) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA53(215029-0) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA52(2FA136-0) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA5(2DD 003-0)  (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA5low-profile(Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA37M(2DA077-2) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA37(2AA027-1) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA35(Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA33(215036-0)    (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA33(215035-0) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA32(2FA218-1) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA3(2DC098-0) (Polygon)
OPPO A SeriesA11(2FA077-0)
OPPO A Series2DA011-0
OPPO A Series2DA057-2
OPPO A Series2DB001-0
OPPO A Series2DA001-1
OPPO A Series2DB007-1
OPPO A Series2EA017-0
OPPO A Series2DB015-0
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOOZ3iET2015AM
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOOZ 3(PD1813BAM) (Polygon)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOOZ1x(PD2012AM)  (Polygon)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO U5(PD2165AM)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOOU3X_5G(PD2054AM)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOOU3X_5G(PD2054AM)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOOU3X_4G(PD1928AM)  (Polygon)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOOU3(PD2061AM)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOOU1(PD1818AM)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOONEO5(ET3046AM) (Polygon)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO NEO3(ET3021AM)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOONEO855(PD1936AM) (Polygon)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO_NEO(PD1914AM)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO9(ET3069AM) (Polygon)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO9_sub
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO8Pro_all
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO8Pro(ET3055AM) (Polygon)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO7_all
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO8_all
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO8(ET3057AM) (Polygon)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO8_sub(Polygon)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO7_all
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO7(ET3040AM) (Polygon)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO7_sub(Polygon)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO5Pro_all
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO5Pro(ET3034AM) (Polygon)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO5Pro_sub
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO5_all
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO5(ET3031AM) (Polygon)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO5_sub(ET3031AMA)  (Polygon)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO3_all
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO3(ET3016AM) (Polygon)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO3_sub(Polygon)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOOPro_ALL
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO Pro(ET3006AM) (Polygon)
vivo            IQOO SeriesIQOO  Pro_dep(ET3006AMA) (Polygon)
vivo IQOO SeriesIQOO(ET2021AM) (Polygon )
vivo Nex SeriesNEX3S(ET3013AM) (Polygon)
vivo Nex SeriesNEX    3(ET3007AM) (Polygon)
vivo Nex SeriesNEX  2(ET2019AM)
vivo Nex SeriesNEX    dual screen(ET2019AM) (Polygon)
vivo Nex SeriesNex S(ET2011AM)  (Polygon)
vivo Nex SeriesNex(ET2012AM) (Polygon)
vivo Y SeriesY 30(PD2034AM) (Polygon)
vivo Y SeriesY9S(ET3010AM)  (Polygon)
vivo Y SeriesY97(ET2015AM)    (Polygon)
vivo Y SeriesY93S(PD1818AM) (Polygon)
vivo Y SeriesY93(PD1818BAM) (Polygon)
vivo Y SeriesY85A(PD1730AM-0)  (Inner line)
vivo Y SeriesY83(PD1803AM)    (Polygon)
vivo Y SeriesY81S(PD1732AM)    (Polygon)
vivo Y SeriesY73S(PD2031AM)    (Polygon)
vivo Y SeriesY70S(ET3027AM)
vivo Y SeriesY7S(PD1913AM)  (Polygon)
vivo Y SeriesY75(PD1718AM-1)
vivo Y SeriesY67(PD1612AM)    (Polygon)
vivo Y SeriesY66BA(PD1621FEXM-0)    (Inner line)
vivo Y SeriesY52S(PD2061AM)
vivo Y SeriesY51S(ET3027AM)  (Polygon)
vivo Y SeriesY50(PD1965AM) (Polygon)
vivo Y SeriesY5S(PD1934AM)
vivo Y SeriesY31S(PD2054AM)(Polygon)
vivo Y SeriesY30(PD1930AM)(Polygon)
vivo Y SeriesY3(PD1901AM)(Polygon)
vivo X SeriesX 70(ET3058AM)    (Polygon)
vivo X SeriesX60Pro+(ET3038AM)    (Polygon)
vivo X SeriesX60Pro(ET3037AM)  (Polygon)
vivo X SeriesX60(ET3036AM) (Polygon)
vivo X SeriesX50Pro+(ET3024AM)    (Polygon)
vivo X SeriesX50Pro(ET3029AM) (Polygon)
vivo X SeriesX50(ET3023AM)
vivo X SeriesX30(ET3011AM)    (Polygon)
vivo X SeriesX27Pro(ET2024AM)    (Polygon)
vivo X SeriesX27(ET2022AM) (Polygon)
vivo X SeriesX23(ET2013AM)    (Polygon)
vivo X SeriesX21S(ET2014AM)  (Polygon)
vivo X SeriesX21Li(ET2009AM)  (Polygon)
vivo X SeriesX21(ET2005AM)    (Polygon)
vivo X SeriesX20Plus(ET2003AM)    (Polygon)
vivo X SeriesX20A(ET2001AM) (Inner line)
vivo X SeriesX9SPlus(PD1619A) (Inner line)
vivo X SeriesX9S(PD1616BAM)    (Inner line)
vivo X SeriesX9(PD1616AM) (Inner line)
vivo X SeriesX9Plus(PD1619A)
vivo X SeriesX7Plus(ET1002AM-0)
 vivo SeriesZ6(PD1963AM)    (Polygon)
 vivo SeriesZ5X(E12028AM)(Polygon)
 vivo SeriesZ5(PD1921AM)
vivo S SeriesS15e(PD2190AM)
vivo S SeriesS12(ET3066AM)(Polygon)
vivo S SeriesS10(ET3051AM) (Polygon)
vivo S SeriesS9E(PD2048AMY) (Polygon)
vivo S SeriesS9(ET3042AMZ)
vivo S SeriesS7e(PD2031GAM)    (Polygon)
vivo S SeriesS7(ET3032AM)
vivo S SeriesS6(PD1962AM)    (Polygon)
vivo S SeriesS5(ET3009AM) (Polygon)
vivo S SeriesS1Pro(ET2023AM)
vivo S SeriesS1(ET2025AM)
vivo Xplay SeriesXPlay 6(PD1610AM)
vivo Xplay SeriesXPlay 5(PD1522AM)    (Polygon)
RealmeRealme GT neo(2AB 050-0)  (Polygon)
RealmeRealme  GT Master(2AB064-0) (Polygon)
RealmeRealme GT(2RA702-1) (Polygon)
RealmeRealme X50(2RA193-0)(Polygon)
Realme X50ProRealme X50Pro_all
Realme X50ProRealme X50Pro(31RA 292-0) (line)
Realme X50ProRealme X50Pro_sub
RealmeRealme Q3Pro(2RA  716-0) (Polygon)
RealmeRealme Q3(2AA868-0)
RealmeRealme Q2Pro(2RA 530-0)  (Polygon)
RealmeRealme Q2i2RA  576-0) (Polygon)
RealmeRealme Q2(2RA 356-0) (Polygon)
RealmeRealme Q(2RA 160-0) (Polygon)
RealmeRealme X7Pro(2RA  352-0) (Polygon)
RealmeRealme X7(2RA530-0)(Polygon)
RealmeRealme X 2(2RB030-0)    (Polygon)
RealmeRealme X(2RB 002-0)  (Polygon)
RealmeRealme V15(2AA 726-0) (Polygon)
RealmeRealme V11(2AA006-0) (Polygon)
Mi Series


Mi SeriesMi Note3(Polygon)
Mi 12SProMi12SPro_all
Mi 12SProMi12SPro
Mi 12SProMi12SPro_sub
Mi12XMi 12X_all
Mi12Mi 12_all
Mi11 UltraXiaomi 11    Ultra_sub
Mi11 UltraMi11 Ultra
Mi11ProXiaomi 11Pro_all
Mi11ProXiaomi 11Pro_sub1
Mi SeriesMi11
Mi SeriesMi11 Youth
Mi SeriesMi10 Extreme Edition
Mi SeriesMi10Pro
Mi SeriesMi10
Mi SeriesMi10 Youth
Mi SeriesMi CC9Pro
Mi SeriesMi_CC9
Mi SeriesXiaomi CC9e(Polygon)
Mi SeriesMi9Pro
Mi SeriesMi9_sub
Mi Series9SE(Polygon)
Mi SeriesMi 9(Polygon)
Mi SeriesMi8SE(Polygon)
Mi SeriesMi8 Youth(Polygon)
Mi SeriesMi8Pro(Polygon)
Mi SeriesMi8(Polygon)
Mi SeriesMi6X(Polygon)
Mi SeriesMi6(Polygon)
Mi SeriesMi5SPlus(Polygon)
Mi SeriesMi5S
Mi SeriesMi5X
Mi SeriesMi5
Mi SeriesMi4S
Mi SeriesMi4C
Mi SeriesMi4_TD
Mi SeriesMi4_WCDMA
Mi SeriesMi 3_WCDMA
Mi SeriesMi3-TD
Mi SeriesMi2S
Mi SeriesMi2A
Mi SeriesMi1
Blackshark SeriesBlackShark5Pro(Polygon)
Blackshark SeriesBlackShark4Pro(Polygon)
Blackshark SeriesBlackShark 4(Polygon)
Blackshark SeriesBlackShark 3(Polygon)
Blackshark SeriesBackshark 2
Blackshark SeriesBackshark Helo
Blackshark SeriesBackshark 1
Max SeriesMi Max 3(Polygon)
Max SeriesMi    Max 2(Polygon)
Max SeriesMi Max1(Polygon)
Mix SeriesMix Fold
Mi Mi4Mi Mix 4_all
Mi Mi4Mi Mix 4
Mi Mi4Mi Mi 4_sub
Mix SeriesXiaomi MIX3(Polygon)
Mix SeriesMi Mix2S(Polygon)
Mix SeriesMi Mix2 honour(Polygon)
Mix SeriesMiMix 2(Polygon)
Mix SeriesMiMix(Polygon)
Poco SeriesPocoPhone F1
RedMi  Note SeriesRedMi Note11Pro
RedMi  Note SeriesRedMi Note 11_4G
RedMi  Note SeriesRedmiNote10Pro
RedMi  Note SeriesRed mi Note 10
RedMi  Note SeriesRedMiNote9Pro
RedMi  Note SeriesRed Mi Note 9_5G
RedMi  Note SeriesRed Mi Note 9_4G
RedMi  Note SeriesRedMiNote8Pro
RedMi  Note SeriesRedMi Note 8(Polygon)
RedMi  Note SeriesRedMi Not e7Pro
RedMi  Note SeriesRed Mi Note 7(Polygon)
RedMi  Note SeriesRedMiNote5A
RedMi  Note SeriesRedMi Note 5
RedMi  Note SeriesRedMiNote4X(Polygon)
RedMi  Note SeriesRed Mi_Note4
RedMi  Note SeriesRed Mi_Note3
RedMi  Note SeriesRed Mi Note2
RedMi  Note SeriesRed Mi NOTE

Red miSeriesRedMi K50 Esports Edition
Red miSeriesRedMi K50Pro
Red miSeriesRedMi K50
Red miSeriesRedmi K 40 Game Enhanced Edition
Red miSeriesRedMi K40S
Red miSeriesRedMi K40
Red miSeriesRedMi K30Pro_sub
Red miSeriesRedMiK30Pro
Red miSeriesRedMiK30S(Polygon)
Red miSeriesRedMiK30 Extreme Edition
Red miSeriesRed MiK 30_5G
Red miSeriesRed    MiK 30_4G(Polygon)
Red miSeriesRedMiK20Pro(Polygon)
Red miSeriesRed MiS 2(Polygon)
Red miSeriesRedMi10X_5G
Red miSeriesRedMi10X_4G
Red miSeriesRed mi 9
Red miSeriesRedMi8A
Red miSeriesRedMi7A
Red miSeriesRed Mi 7
Red miSeriesRedMi6Pro
Red miSeriesRedMi6A(Polygon)
Red miSeriesRedMi5Plus(Polygon)
Red miSeriesRedMi5A
Red miSeriesRed    Mi 5(Polygon)
Red miSeriesRedMi4X
Red miSeriesRedMi4A
Red miSeriesRed Mi 4
Red miSeriesRed Mi_3S
Red miSeriesRed Mi
MeituT9 customized  version(Polygon)
SmartisanSmartisan Pro3(Line)

OnePlusOne Plus9(Polygon)
ZTEAXON 11 SE(Polygon)
Samsung Galaxy Series


Samsung Galaxy Series


Samsung Galaxy SeriesS20Ultra_5G(G988U/O/W/N) (Polygon)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS20Ultra_5G(G988B/N) (Polygon)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesG986U/O/W/N_ALL
Samsung Galaxy SeriesG986U/O/W/N(Polygon)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesG986U/O/W/N_sub(Polygon)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesG981B/G980F
Samsung Galaxy SeriesG981B/G980F_sub
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS10+(G9750/G975U)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS10+(G975F/N)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS10E(G970F_N)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesG977U/A/T/P_all
Samsung Galaxy SeriesG977U/A/T/P(Polygon)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesG977U/A/T/P_SUB(Polygon)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesG977N/B_all
Samsung Galaxy SeriesG977N/B(Polygon)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesG977N/B_SUB(Polygon)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS10(G9730)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS10(G973F_N)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS9Plus(G965F) (Polygon)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS9+(G9650) (Polygon)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS9(G960F)    (Polygon)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS8Plus(G955F)  (Polygon)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS8(G9500)(Polygon)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS8(G950F)(Polygon)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS8(G950U)    (Polygon)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS7Edge(G935D) (Polygon)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS7Edge(G935A) (Polygon)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS8Plus(G955U)    (Polygon)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS7(G930F)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS7Edge(G9350)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS6Edge(G9287)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS6(G920V)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS6(G9280)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS6(G9250)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS6(G920F)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS6(G9200)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS5(G9009W)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS5(G9009D)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS5(G900F)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesS5(G900H)
Samsung Note SeriesNote20U(N986B/N985F/N986BR) (Polygon)
Samsung Note SeriesN981U/N/O/W_all
Samsung Note SeriesN981U/N/O/W(Polygon)
Samsung Note SeriesN981U/N/O/W  sub(Polygon)
Samsung Note SeriesN9760_all
Samsung Note SeriesN9760(Polygon)
Samsung Note SeriesN9760_sub(Polygon)
Samsung Note SeriesN976B_ALL
Samsung Note SeriesN976B_N_5F
Samsung Note SeriesN976B/976N/975F_sub
Samsung Note SeriesN976V/976U/O/8(Polygon)
Samsung Note SeriesN976U_M_all
Samsung Note SeriesN976U_M(Polygon)
Samsung Note SeriesN976U_M_sub(Polygon)
Samsung Note SeriesNote 10_5G(N970F)
Samsung Note SeriesNote10Lite(N770F) (Polygon)
Samsung Note SeriesN970U/N 9700_all
Samsung Note SeriesN970U/N 9700(Polygon)
Samsung Note SeriesN970U/N 9700_sub(Polygon)
Samsung Note SeriesNote9(N960F)
Samsung Note SeriesNote9(N960U)
Samsung Note SeriesNote8(N9500) (Polygon)
Samsung Note SeriesNote8(N950F) (Polygon)
Samsung Note SeriesNote7(N930S/K/L) (Polygon)
Samsung Note SeriesNote5(N920S) (Polygon)
Samsung Note SeriesNote5(N920G)
Samsung Note SeriesNote5(N920A) (Polygon)
Samsung Note SeriesNoteEdge(N915F/G)
Samsung Note SeriesNote4(N910F)
Samsung Note SeriesNote4(N9109W)
Samsung Note SeriesNote4(N910U)
Samsung Note SeriesNote3(N9009)
Samsung Note SeriesNote3(N9006)
Samsung Note SeriesNote3(N9005)
Samsung Note SeriesNote2(N719)
Samsung Note SeriesNote2(N7100)
Samsung W SeriesW2021
Samsung W SeriesW2019
Samsung W SeriesW2018(Polygon)
Samsung W SeriesW2017(Polygon)
Samsung W SeriesW2016
Samsung W SeriesW2015
Samsung W SeriesW2014
Samsung W SeriesW2013(REV06)
Samsung W SeriesW999(12.22)
Samsung W SeriesW899(Rev1.5)
Samsung W SeriesW899(REV0.7)
Samsung W SeriesW899FPC(REV.0.9)
Samsung W SeriesW799(2009.11.04)
Samsung W SeriesW709(2009.03.14)
Samsung W SeriesW699(2008.11.06)
Samsung W SeriesW629(2007.09.06)
Samsung W SeriesW589(2009.10.15)
Samsung W SeriesW579(2006.11.03)
Samsung S SeriesS8300(REV.0.5)
Samsung S SeriesS7562(REV05)
Samsung S SeriesS7272
Samsung S SeriesS5830i(REV0.9)
Samsung S SeriesS5830(94V0.1140)
Samsung S SeriesS5628(R04.100129)
Samsung S SeriesS5230(4909.E2.08)
Samsung S SeriesS3650(2009.03.20)
Samsung S SeriesS3600c(DAP 901503)
Samsung S SeriesS189(2008.02.02)
Samsung S SeriesS139(2006.05.25)
Samsung A SeriesA11(A107F)(Polygon)
Samsung A SeriesA10S(A1115U)(Polygon)
Samsung A SeriesA10E(A102U)  (Polygon)
Samsung A SeriesA10(A105F/G/M/N)
Samsung A SeriesA9 Star(G    8850/G885F/Y
Samsung A SeriesA9 Star(G885S)
Samsung A SeriesA9Pro(A910F) (Polygon)
Samsung A SeriesA9_2018(A920F)
Samsung A SeriesA9_2016(A9000)
Samsung A SeriesA80(A805F/FM/N/8050)
Samsung A SeriesA8S(G    8870/G887N/G887F) (Polygon)
Samsung A SeriesA8+(A530F/X_05A)
Samsung A SeriesA8_2018(A530N/S/K/L) (Polygon)
Samsung A SeriesA8(A8000)
Samsung A SeriesA71(A7160/S/B) (Polygon)
Samsung A SeriesA71(A716V) (Polygon)
Samsung A SeriesA71(A716U/U    1) (Polygon)
Samsung A SeriesA71(A715F/W_03A)    (Polygon)
Samsung A SeriesA70(A705F/FN/GM/MN/YN/O/W)
Samsung A SeriesA7_2018(A750FN)
Samsung A SeriesA7_2016(A7100)
Samsung A SeriesA7(A7000)
Samsung A SeriesA60(A600F/FN/G/GN/N/K/L)
Samsung A SeriesA6+(A650FN)
Samsung A SeriesA51(A515FM/FN/FT/F)    (Polygon)
Samsung A SeriesA50S(A507FN/GN/5070)
Samsung A SeriesA50(A505U/W) (Polygon)
Samsung A SeriesA50(A505F/FN/FM/G/GT/GN/L)
Samsung A SeriesA5_2017(A520F)    (Polygon)
Samsung A SeriesA5(A5000)
Samsung A SeriesA42(A426B/N/O)(Polygon)
Samsung A SeriesA40S((A 3050/8) (Polygon)
Samsung A SeriesA40(A405FN/FM/S)
Samsung A SeriesA32(AA326U/U1/DL/W)
Samsung A SeriesA30(A305N/YN)
Samsung A SeriesA22(A226)(Polygon)
Samsung A SeriesA21S(A217F)
Samsung A SeriesA20S(A207F)(Polygon)
Samsung A SeriesA20e(A202F/A202K) (Polygon)
Samsung A SeriesA2(A205FN/F/GN/G/S_03)
Samsung A SeriesA03S(A037) (Polygon)
Samsung A SeriesA02S(A025) (Polygon)
Samsung A SeriesA02(A022F) (Polygon)
Samsung A SeriesA01(A015) (Polygon)
Samsung I Seriesi535
Samsung I Seriesi579(Rev04)
Samsung I Seriesi589(Rev06)
Samsung I Seriesi699(REV06)
Samsung I Seriesi809
Samsung I Seriesi8160(REV0.6)
Samsung I Seriesi8190(REV0.7)
Samsung I Seriesi8552(REV08)
Samsung I Seriesi9003(REV1.0)
Samsung I Seriesi9082(REV1.0)
Samsung I Seriesi909(1046-C3)
Samsung I Seriesi9100(REV1.3)
Samsung I Seriesi929
Samsung I Seriesi9220(Rev0.7B)
Samsung I Seriesi9300
Samsung I Seriesi939(REV09)
Samsung I Seriesi939D(REV08)
Samsung I Seriesi9500
Samsung I Seriesi747
Samsung I Seriesi959
Samsung I Seriesi9505
Samsung I Seriesi9090
Samsung I Seriesi9200
Samsung I Seriesi8262
Samsung I Seriesi9060
Samsung B SeriesB2100(2009.03.20)
Samsung B SeriesB289(2008.10.10)
Samsung B SeriesB2700(08.07.29)
Samsung B SeriesB7732(2010.06.17)
Samsung B  SeriesB9120(REV12)
Samsung F SeriesGalaxy    Z Filp(F700F) _sub(Polygon)
Samsung F SeriesGalaxy    Fold_5G(F907N_B) (Polygon)
Samsung F SeriesGalaxy Z Filp3(F7110_US)(Polygon)
Samsung F SeriesGalaxy Z Filp 5G(F707B/U/N/O/U1/J/W_M)
Samsung F SeriesGalaxy  Fold(F900U) (Polygon)
Samsung F SeriesGalaxy Z Flip(F700F) (Polygon)
Samsung J SeriesJ8(J810F/M/G/Y)
Samsung J SeriesJ7SKYPro(S727VL) (Polygon)
Samsung J SeriesJ7(J730F)    (Polygon)
Samsung J SeriesJ7+(C710F)
Samsung J SeriesJ7(J727A/T/T1/AZ)
Samsung J SeriesJ7(J710F)
Samsung J SeriesJ7(J700F)
Samsung J SeriesJ7(J700T/T1)
Samsung J SeriesJ6+(J610F/G/FN)
Samsung J SeriesJ6(J600F/G/L/N)
Samsung J SeriesJ5_2016(J510FN)    (Polygon)
Samsung J SeriesJ5(J500F)
Samsung J SeriesJ5(J500H)
Samsung J SeriesJ4Plus(J415F/G/FN/GN)
Samsung J SeriesJ4(J400F/G/M)
Samsung J SeriesJ3(J337P) (Polygon)
Samsung J SeriesJ2Pro(J250F/G/M)
Samsung J SeriesJ2(J260G/Y)
Samsung J SeriesJ2(J260AZ/T1/A) (Polygon)
Samsung J SeriesJ1(J120A)    (Polygon)
Samsung J SeriesJ10100F
Samsung M SeriesM20(M205F/FN/G)
Samsung otherXcover Pro(G715FN)
Samsung otherG615F(Polygon)
Samsung otherC5000(Polygon)
Samsung otherG532F
Samsung otherG7200
Samsung otherL500
Samsung otherG5309W
Samsung otherG530H
Samsung otherG7106
Samsung otherG3815
Samsung otherG3812
Samsung otherCC03(07-03.W6)
IQOSIQOS 3.0 heating rod
IQOSIQOS  3.0 charging box
IQOSIQOS 2.4plus Cigarette Plate
IQOSIQOS 2.4plus charging box
SONYXZ3 Japanese version
SONYXZ2P Chinese version
SONYXZ2P Japanese version(Polygon)
SONYXZ2 Chinese version(Polygon)
SONYXZP Chinese version(Polygon)
LGNova    7(HL2JEFPM) (Polygon)
LGNexus  5
Blackberry  SeriesHM3
Blackberry  SeriesHM2
Blackberry  SeriesHM1
MotorolaG7 Power(Polygon)


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