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ZXW software FAQ

ZXW and BlackFish software usage FAQ

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The followings are the software introduction.

1.What is the role of Zillion x Work (ZXW) in maintenance?

 You can easily measure motherboard disconnection, pad network with our software.

A few people have schematics or other drawings, usually in the form of encryption or certificate authority. If you don't have drawings, you can only measure them when facing the machine. The time is too long and not necessarily correct. It is a time-consuming work.  ZXW is the artifact for everyone to solve this problem. With ZXW, wiring problems will be fixed easily by moving your mouse.

2.Will the software and data continue to be updated?

 As long as the maintenance industry needs ZXW software, ZXW’s software and data will be updated.

When the market has the latest models, we will investigate maintenance needs and update it to ZXW software as soon as possible.

3.Why are some data and schematics different?

 ZXW query software is written based on the original motherboard engineering document. As the motherboard will be continuously improved in the manufacturing process, there may be minor changes, but the basic principles remain the same, please refer to it as appropriate.

Some engineers have schematics in their hands. It is normal to have some differences because schematics usually have only one version and the motherboard hardware has been improved all the time.

Please send me your doubts in detailed words or pictures when you discover something different. The ZXW team will check them first and correct the mistakes in time.


4.Why are some ZXW data different from the repaired phones?

You can refer to question NO.3.

ZXW data names are all with version numbers and serial numbers. Please check whether they are consistent with the repair phone.

5.How to buy?

Please contact QQ:2546062320

Or contact ZXW agent: Please click

6.How to pay?

You can refer to question NO.5.

Please contact the relevant personnel for inquiries.

7.About warranty period

From the date of registration, our software is guaranteed for 6 months. If the damage is caused by a cracked dongle or human factors, it is not covered by the warranty.

The final explanation is owned by the ZXW team.

8.How to identify ZXW software dogs?

Please check the photo:

Contact us for number confirmation

9.How to use?

Download document:ZXW Instructions.doc

ZXW installation guide>>>>

10.Questions, advice and technical supports?

Technical Support please contact QQ:2546062320