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​ZXW software Q&A

Q:Users often ask why they can't update their software automatically?

A:Always there are users asking why their software can’t update automatically.

Now we officially inform you, our software update is automatically sent. In the pop up on the right side, it shows the update, no need to download by yourself.


1.If you are a new user, please click this link

Download the latest version of compressed sofeware file, or download from qq group.

Please read carefully after you decompressed the file.

2. if this pop up:


It means your computer is not connect to internet. Because our software data was from the server, no internet connection doesn’t mean you can not use internet, it only means you can’t connect to our server. If this happens, please restart your router, if still doesn’t work, then unplug router, directly dial the number to connect. Because some router have blocking function, it might filter our IP. Our server support: China Telecom and China Unicom.


For now our sever can only use Telecom and Unicom. After check one of them, remember to check “Save selected”.






Then press OK! Or everytime you open the software this will pop up.Some user thought this pop up was to register! Actually just press OK, then you can start use the software.

If it is a mobile network or the WIFI signal delay is too long, it will lead to this phenomenon.


3. If this pop up:


Means it can’t find dongle, please check if dongle is plugged or check USB interface.


4.When you open ZXW, it notices


In this case, your computer is infected by virus, you must carry out overall virus cleaning. Then re-download a software to open. If still the same situation, pease reinstall pure verion system.



5.When you open the softwrre,  it continuously shows: loading. Not showing ZXW or Blackfish files, please choose as below 

Use the second solution: switch circuit to solve the problem

For now our sever can only use Telecom and Unicom. After check one of them, remember to check “Save selected”.




6.The new file of pop-up box cannot be found on the left menu.

Some users have registered ZXW software on several computers, in this case, some updated models cannot be found in the software! If this happens, the user just needs to follow the diagram below.


ZXW Software model update:

BlackFish model update:




7.When you open blackfish software, if this pop up

Please download new version software in qq group, what the image below shows is our latest version for now!

If Blackfish can open normally, but the next step this pops up:

Select menu after pop


Please delete this file zxwm2.bin, and re-open blackfish.


When you open Blackfish this pop up:


Then there may the 3 reasons below:


1.Lack of file, please download a latest file from our qq group.

2.Cuased by antivirus software, please close or trust our software to run.

3.Software doesn't have adminstrator's right.


The 3rd reason is the most importand, usually if you choose as administrator to run Blackfish then it can be solved!








8.When you open blackfish software, if this pop up

1.When the error opening BlackFish 0x10195 pop-up blackfish software

blackfish 0x10195问题解决方案


2.The solution is as follows, select menu > Tools > reset BlackFish configuration, and then restart the BlackFish software can solve this problem


blackfish 0x10195问题解决方案