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ZXW Guide for Drawing Toolbar

Please download the latest ZXW version

Basically, the following effects can be achieved through the drawing toolbar. You can draw lines and input text at will. When you zoom in beyond the graph, the drawing will not be visible. Please notice: It is best to draw within the graph or in the visible range.


The followings are the main functions of the toolbar



1. After the drawing is completed, press the right mouse button to automatically jump to Mobile Graphics Mode and move the position of the graph.

2. If you are unable to click the pad during the drawing process or in the Mobile Graphics Mode, select the pad mode (F8) or press F5 to refresh.

3. After the drawing is finished, please make sure to name it in the frame above, and then click Save to save it to the server.

4. Switching drawings or closing the software without saving, all the drawing information will be lost.

Some shortcut keys:

1. In the mobile mode (F9), you can change colors, fonts, positions, and delete, etc. (Press Delete to delete the current selection)

2. When drawing a circle (F12), press Ctrl and drag the mouse (the rectangle can be filled and the text can be set to the background color)

3. When drawing a line (F11), press Ctrl to drag the drawing and generate an arrow.

4. In mobile mode (F9), double-click can modify the current graphics.

5. Double-click the line in the Move Mode (F9) and press Ctrl+Z to delete it one by one.