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Ordering software

When using PayPal to buy our software, if you see a low price, beware of the fake.
Please purchase at a regular agent to ensure future software upgrades and value-added features.

If you purchase ZXW dongle and software at an unofficial agent, we will not offer any upgrades. The ZXW team is not responsible for any problems with the dongle under this circumstance.

ZXW software sales agent list (the following rankings are in no particular order):


  • Company: Gsmclouds
    Contact Person: Feiyu
    Office: NO.A63,45 Renmin South Road, Liwan District,Guangzhou CHINA
    Tel&Wechat: +8613602897673
     Whatsapp: +8613602897673


    Contact Person: Jinhow
    Office:NO.3FB3009 LingNan International Digital Square Guangzhou CHINA
    Store:NO.2FC133 Nanfang Building 28-22 the 2nd XIDI Road.Guangzhou CHINA
    Tel&Wechat:+86-13711595510 , +86-13580391655


  • Distributor: GSM-Sources
    Contact: Chally or Hunter Guangzhou city,CHINA
    Telephone: +86-13424045947
    Telephone: +86-13710595238
    Sonork: 100.75975
    ICQ: 267-398-768