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Introduction About ZXW and Help Information>>

The menu on the left is part of the software display model. For the latest models, please click on the link below:
Mobile Phone Repair Drawing Software Update log

Mobile Phone Repair Drawing Support list (Continuously Updating)


If you want to try ZXW mobile phone repair drawing software, please click here to download ZXW-Demo(iPhone3G) ver.


Welcome to use Zillion x Work (ZXW mobile phone repair drawings). This query software is written by the ZXW team. There must be some inevitable problems in the use of our software so please send us the questions you have met and give us good suggestions if you’d like to. We will regularly pick users and present them with high-end software or high-end instruments, so stay tuned!

This product release is mainly based on Samsung and Apple. Other brand models are for reference only.

We will make other new models in the future work.

Our inquiry software is based on the original motherboard project files. It is normal to have minor changes due to the continuous improvement of the motherboard during the manufacturing process but the basic principle will not be changed. Please refer to it as appropriate. Some engineers have schematics in their hands.It is normal to have some differences, because schematics usually have only one version and the motherboard hardware has been improved all the time.Please send us your doubts in a detailed language or picture when you find out the differences, we will check them as soon as possible. If there is an error, we will improve it immediately.


Related data and basic function reference renderings (data and features will be updated in the future, which are subjected to actual releases). (ZXW mobile phone repair drawings)




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